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Questions and Answers

1) What style(s) of martial arts do you teach?

At Sand Springs Martial Arts we teach aspects of traditional and sport taekwondo, a Korean martial art. Taekwondo is loosely translated as “the way of the foot and the hand.” We also teach self defense techniques from a variety of martial arts.

2) What ages of people do you teach?

We take students as young as 5 years old. There is no upper age limit in martial arts. We recently tested a 67 year old white belt, who earned his yellow belt. More recently, we tested six white belts ranging in ages from 13 to 52.

3) Are some of your students involved in tournaments? In professional fighting?

A group of students are involved in tournaments, both forms and sparring. Tournament participation is not required by the school. We do not participate in professional fighting.

4) How long have you had the studio?

The school (dojang) has a long history. In 1984, the school was a branch of Kangs Taekwondo-Tulsa (located in Prattville) under John Williams. Master Leon Reeder took over in 1986 and soon moved the school to Sand Springs. In 1989 Master Stephen Dorshorst took the school so Master Reeder could devote more time to his family. In 1993 Master Dorshorst changed the name to Stephen Dorshorst Taekwondo and also opened a second dojang in Tulsa. In 2004, Master Dorshorst closed the Tulsa school and left the Sand Springs school to Master Leon Reeder and Mr. Billy Bailey. Under Master Reeder again, the name of the school was changed to Sand Springs Martial Arts. Five of the current black belts are former, long time students of Master Dorshorst, now a seventh degree and Grand Master. Grand Master Dorshorst attends and officiates Black Belt testing at Sand Springs Martial Arts. The school is now located at Chandler Park in the Recreation Center.

5) What sets you apart from other studios?

We offer quality instruction for families to learn about and benefit from the mental and physical benefits of martial arts. Our instructors, all Black Belts, desire to teach so that we may pass along the guidance we’ve received. In doing so, we honor those who have contributed to our growth and development. We encourage parents to take class with their children, but it is not required. We offer four free classes so that parents and students can have the experience of martial arts at no cost. Our dues are monthly, so there is no long term financial commitment. We offer family rates for two or more family members. There are no fund raiser, no required tournament participation, and no long term contracts.

6) Any other information you would like people to know about your studio?

Martial arts, in general, provides benefits for flexibility, physical strength, self confidence, discipline, and much more. Parents are often most interested in their children gaining confidence and discipline. We find that the parents that also take class appreciate the break from having to be parents during class and they also realize physical and emotional benefits, as well as bonding with their children. Adults may believe they are too old or that physical limitations would prevent them from participating, particularly they are concerned that they couldn’t “keep up.”. However, students progress at their own pace and our goal is for each student to strive to do their best within their abilities. The overall goal is self growth – not competition with others. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm to 7:30pm at the Chandler Part Recreation Center, 6500 W. 21st St, Tulsa, OK. For more information email: or visit our facebook page: SSMATKD. .


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